Flyer Friday!

Two Storm days in a row and no flyers. This is what my home usually looks like when the flyers come. I get the flyers first and start circling. Then my two littlest ones grab the flyers and start circling what they want. It doesn't make it on the list usually.

Previously, I talked about frugal food starting at home. If you have already done step one and are moving forward, flyer time is the right time to start thinking ahead. It's not about shopping for the week, although you can do it that way, it's about planning ahead so you can make a meal that you want to eat when you want because you already have the supplies on hand. Stocking up on an item when it's on sale gives you that ability.  Check out the weekly deals that I find on our Flyer Friday posts.


Pork Sirloin Chops $3.68/kg (save $8.13/kg)
Ragu Pasta Sauce $0.99 (save $1.20)
Ocean Spray Crasins BOGO! (plus last month there was a coupon on the back of rice krispies for money off)
Kellogg's Mini Wheats $3.99 (coupon on the box for free bananas or yogurt)
Lg Seedless navel oranges $1.94/kg (save $1.12/kg)
Top Sirloin Oven Roast $6.59/kg


Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $8.55/kg LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!
Maple Leaf Side Bacon $2.49 less than half price
Hot house tomatoes $2.51/kg and cucumbers $1.14 LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!
Danone Creamy Yogurt 750g 3/$5
Javex Ultra Bleach $3 (save $1.49)
Campbells Asstorted Soup $1 ($0.49)
Lean Ground Beef $5.49/kg (save $3.20/kg)
Peeled mini carrots 907g 2/$5
Teddy's Choice Club Pack Wipes $6.99 LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!
Baby Mum Mum $1.29 LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!
Teddy Diapers jr club $14.99 (save $5)
Kraft Salad Dressing $0.99  LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!
General Mills Cheerios $1.84  LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!
Top Sirloin Oven Roast $6.59/kg  LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!
Kraft Singles $2.99 (save $2.80)
Cashmere Toilet Paper $5.99 for 24 rolls (save $1.50)
Breton crackers $1.49  LESS THAN HALF PRICE!!!!


Lean Cuisine Entrees 2/$5
Vim Cleaner $0.94 HALF PRICE!!!!
Lactantia butter 2/$7
Black Diamond Cheese 500g $5.99


Charmin 30 big roll (like reg 45 rolls) $9.99 (regular $13.99)
Fisher Price Precious Planet Gym $29.97  40% OFF!!
Fisher Price Newborn to toddler rocker $44 40% OFF!!


Bakers Secret Metal Bakeware BOGO
Victory Garden Single Sling Gliders 1/2 price $49.99
Bounty $4.99 6 roll (regular $7.99)
Primo Assorted 525-540 ml $0.99 (reg $2.29)
Kitchaid Gourmet Essentials 8 piece nonstick cookware, vented glass lids, silicone handles $99.97 (save $200)
20% off all previously reduced bikes
Majestic 2x liquid laundry soap 64 loads $4 (costs about $0.06 a load)

Enjoy your day!

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