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We manage to keep our electricity bills pretty low, about $50 a month or less if we're careful. We hang everything to dry, use all energy efficient bulbs, turn off or unplug things not in use, use the crockpot and bread machine instead of oven, ect... We currently have two freezers for food storage and I'm working on only having one in use to further cut energy costs.
MPP: WOW! That's awesome Carla! May I ask how much your energy is per kwh? Here on the Island is around 14 cents/kwh. 

I went to a service auction at my church and came home with two days of babysitting, homemade bread, supper, and beautiful artwork... all for doing things I would have anyways. Now THAT'S a deal!!
MPP: Gillian, auctions and trades are a great way to share the wealth! Glad to hear of the great deal you received!

I got two games before Christmas with that coupon for $5! Operation and Monopoly (Monopoly was $10, making it free and Operation was $15, so $5 for that). Great gifts for practically nothing. I also had coupons for the Rice Crispies so I only paid $1 a box for those :)

Lately I haven't been spending much money. The Catelli whole grain pasta is often on sale for $1.33-$1.49 and there are coupons for 75 cents off. The kids eat a lot of whole grain spaghetti so I stock up at this price! On sale this week so I'll be getting more.

Last month I bought about $200 worth of groceries for about $35 at Superstore and boy was I excited! I used a lot of coupons, a lot of half off items and it took a long time but boy was it worth it! I wish I kept the receipt!
Oh and I scored pinatas there for $2.22. Bought two for birthdays this year!
MPP: Carla, you were totally rocking with the deals! Thanks for sharing. Can you share with us where you get your coupons? 

I'm gifted with organizational skills. I've had people offer me babysitting and free esthetics to get this service.

MPP: Isn't it great to be able to switch services for services?

I look forward to hearing from all of you with your tips, questions and comments. Keep them coming!!

Enjoy your day!

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Carla said...

I feel so honoured to have two comments mentioned :). Our electicity is about 11.8 cents per kwh. This week I discovered I can make cakes in the crockpot so that will save even more electricity (it is a recent blog post of mine).

I am a coupon hoarder. If there is a coupon in the store for something that we may some day use, I grab it. I have a lot of coupons, lol! I also get them occasionally from magazines, sites like, from websites of products and so on. I always have an eye out for coupons, basically! It pays to keep them organized. This past week, Pringles were on sale for $1.24 and I forgot I had $1 off coupons until I cleaned out my purse the day after the sale. D'oh! I need to find a good organizing system other than an envelope and my memory, lol!

Another good bargain site for Canadians is . They have sections for deals, freebies, coupons and forums where people discuss hot deals, how to stack things to (legally) get the most out of things such as Shopper's Optimum points, Air Miles, ect... It has been very valuable to me, especially before the holidays when I am trying to get the most for as little as possible!