Frugal Window Washing STREAK FREE!

It's an overcast day here today and that means that it is a PERFECT day to wash windows! I only notice how many handprints are on my windows on sunny days and have to force myself to remember to wash them the next overcast day. Why you ask? Well, that's the perfect weather to clean your windows so you don't get streaks.

What you need: spray bottle, vinegar, water, a drop of tea tree oil and your old flyers. 

Fill spray bottle half and half with vinegar and water and add a drop of tea tree just so it doesn't smell like you are making pickles all day. Spray windows either inside or out and then wipe either vertically OR horizontally with flyers. Do the opposite way of wiping on the opposite side of the window. This is so you can see which side has streaks if any. 

Why use flyers? Well, reduce, resuse, recycle of course. Also, they are a great item to use so you don't get streaks or lint or anything else small while washing your windows. They are an abundance here so we find all sorts of uses for them (that's another whole post).

After washing your windows on one side with your flyers, make sure that you take a dry flyer and go over your window again. This cleans up and little bits of moisture that will lead to streaks. By rubbing afterwards you have beautiful streak free, clean windows. 

Here in Atlantic Canada, it looks like this whole week will be great for washing windows. Rain and showers. So grab your gear and let's get going!

For other things to do with vinegar, check out this older post.

Enjoy your day!

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