Hair cuts for Everyone!

One great way to save money that we do here is have hair cuts at home. I started when my oldest was one and needed a haircut. I couldn't justify taking him to get his hair cut for $13 at the hairdresser when I could buy a clipper set for $30!  And so it began.

I wouldn't cut my husband's hair at the beginning because I felt he was too picky about his hair. However, in the past year, I have started cutting his hair. I must say, that I am getting pretty good at it! It's getting interesting now that my children ask for specific styles. The boys are easy to do as they mostly like it buzzed off around the sides and a little longer on the top.  My eldest daughter has light layers through her long hair, my youngest daughter doesn't need her hair cut yet unfortunately, so that's easy.

And yes, I cut my own hair.

I despise going to the hairdresser because I always come away crying. So I figured since I cry with everyone else cutting it, why not save my money and cry by myself!  The first time I figured if it's bad I can always go to the hairdresser and get it fixed.

Thus far it hasn't. I have been cutting my hair for over a year and it's okay.

So on average, if I just go to the cheapy hairdressers with a cost of $13 a cut, that's a savings of $65 every six weeks!  Wonderful savings!

Something to think about for saving a couple of dollars in your home.

Enjoy your day!

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Kelly said...

hey liz,

i get my hair done at the hair shop in cornwall - it's the cheapest and best place i've found since i moved here. a man's cut is only $6, and $9 for women. not sure about kids but it's probably pretty cheap as well. i get my hair cut and highlighted and it's $47 as opposed to the $120 or more my friends pay. check it out - i recommend it to everyone :)