Really Late Flyer Friday!

I'm so sorry. I am really good at procrastinating as I am sure there are readers out there that can testify to this (um, contest prizes are coming! I promise. I suck and I have it, I just forget the blasted thing every time I go to town. You know who you are. Please forgive me.)


Selected Alymer Canned Tomatoes 3/$3
Selected Hershey Chipits 200-350g bag $1.79
Lean Stew Beef $8.36/kg


PC Tender and Tasty Boneless cross rib pot roast or club pack steak $4.39/kg
Graves Apple Juice $0.99 (save 50 cents a tin!)
Yoplait Source Tubs 650g 2/$5 (89 cents savings each!)
PC Cream Cheese $3 (save 29 cents)
Minute Maid Orange Juice $1.29 (save 50 cents each)
Seasoned boneless half pork loins $4.39/kg (half price!)
3lb bag of clementines $4.99
Sponge Towels Ultra $4.99 (save $1.99 each package!)


Fresh Boneless Skinless Chicken Breasts $8.55/kg (less than half price)
Pears $1.27/kg

Again, these are just the deals for things that I am looking for, please feel free to share your thoughts and ideas.

Enjoy your day!

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