Ever find you are cooking the same old same old?

Menu planning may be the thing for you! Now don't click away just yet, read on. It's a great way to keep track of your food and what you need to buy on your groceries.

I am not always bang on with my menus, but I do find that when I make up my menus and then stick to them, my life is less stressed when I am curious about what to cook and the time is getting nearer to hungry hour. It also helps to save money because when you make up your menu and you already have your inventory list on hand, you will get everything you need on your biweekly grocery trip. We all know that when you go in for one thing, you more than likely come out with several more items. 

When menu planning, make sure you have about 30 mins to plan out what to eat. Grab some cookbooks and a menu plan, plastic sleeve and a washable or dry erase marker. 

When planning a menu, take a look at your inventory list, the flyers and your schedule. On the nights that are busier, plan slow cooker meals so that you have supper ready when you are ready. No worries about rushing a sandwich in because you have a wonderful home cooked meal ready to go!

Plan a night to try something new in your menu. You never know, you may have a winner. Also, plan a few favourites that you know everyone will eat on nights that are really busy. Let everyone contribute to the menu to make sure that at least once a month everyone has a meal they love ;)

By following these tips, you won't have to worry about what's for supper, everyone will know! And remember, be flexible. You may need to switch something around or put something reliable on table on a night you just aren't feeling up to cooking what was there.

Here are some links to menu planners. Once you get there you will have to click on their pdfs. I tried to load them from here, but it ended up taking you to a strange place. Please let me know if these links don't work. Thanks.

So what's on your menu this week?

Enjoy your day!

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