Flyer Friday! (oops! It's really Tuesday!)

Because of my tardiness, not only did I not get to share the 3 day sales that were happening with you, but I missed out on them as well!


Eden Valley Farms 2 pack whole chickens- almost half price $3.68/kg
Cashmere Toilet Paper 30 rolls $11.99 (save $4.50) Cheaper here than at Superstore!


Fresh boneless skinless chicken breasts LESS THAN HALF PRICE!! $855/kg
Yoplait or Asana 650g Yogurt 2/$5
Ragu Pasta Sauce 700ml $1 (save over $1.99)


Catelli Select Pasta 375-500g $0.88 for members ($0.99 for non members)
Lean ground beef $4.39/kg

Gee, doesn't seem like much on sale this week. Maybe I am missing a lot. If so, please let me know of a great deal that you find that you would like to share with others. I sure love hearing from people.

Enjoy your day!

And hey, have any of you taken advantage of the 10% at Sandspit or Shining Waters that is being offered only for our readers? Let me know.

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