If Only Clothes Lasted ...

One of the things that really helps with frugality is mending. I DESPISE mending! In fact, it's so bad, that I had a bulging GARBAGE BAG of clothes that needed to be mended. From pjs with ripped crotches, to buttons being lost, to tights with holes in the feet, to general maintenance of ball caps and what not, it was all in there.

Yesterday was such a dreary day, and with three sick children at home, I couldn't bring myself to get much done. I just wanted to sit down and sew. The problem was I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't start any new sewing projects until I conquered the mending mountain.

And that's just what I set out to do.

There were clothes from when my oldest was 2 years old!

As I mended the torn pj pants, the baseball cap, the dresses that somehow got ripped at church, and everything else, I realized what a wonderful thing this is to do. This saved me the money of buying a new ball cap, Sunday dresses, new pyjamas and it eliminated the need for contributing to landfill.

On the next day of rain, I must conquer all of the buttons that have popped off. Thankfully, some of the children know how to sew a button on and mend their own clothes.

So look around your laundry and before throwing away a piece of clothing that isn't as perfect as it was formally, see if you can use that old pioneer motto and fix it up.

Now, if I could only find boys black socks that last longer than a month! Yikes, the money that goes out on socks! If you know of a durable boys sock that a 10 year old would wear, PLEASE,  PLEASE, PLEASE, let me know where I can get them!

I have found socks for girls with a satisfaction guarantee on them. You can bet I held on to the packaging and the receipt for those socks!

Enjoy your day!

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