Bet you thought I forgot about you.

You know I didn't. It has been CRAZY the past little bit here. And then the little thoughts kept coming that no one is reading this and no one needs it and all that.

Then tonight, I happened to look and see that you are still visiting. I am sorry for the lack of information on my part. I sure would love to hear from all of you, just a note to say hello, something that you found helpful on here, a tip or a suggestion that you would like to leave. It will keep my motivation for new posts going. Thanks!

This month has been a very exciting entertainment month here.

In the past 14 days, I have been to the Indian River Festival, had tickets to the Cavendish Beach Country Concert for the opening night, went to see the filming of Live with Regis and Kelly, and received tickets to go to see Allan Jackson in concert!

How can one afford all of this while trying to remain frugal?

You win tickets on radio stations, go with your MIL who has free tickets from a neighbour, get tickets for free from a friend who received free tickets be ordering them and then couldn't go, and get free tickets to a concert just for attending another event!

That's right, it was all done for free!

What a cultural month and we are only half way through!

I will say that one of the benefits of living on a small Island is the lack of population to enter the contests to win free things. Seriously, my parents think that I am really lucky, but the odds are really good that you will win something when only 140 000 people live in your province. Of that amount there are at least 4 radio stations with morning shows on them and not everyone can listen to every one of them. There are lots of contests out there to try out for. You'll be no further behind for entering.

So go ahead, enter, see what you can see. You don't even have to listen to the radio station all the time, some of them have contests on their websites or facebook pages.

What events have you been able to do or see because of free tickets?

Enjoy your day!


Let the party begin... said...

We went to see the Tattoo for free courtesy of a wonderful friend and her skybox. I also enjoyed seeing Hedley in concert in that same skybox. Camping is the next adventure for our family...inexpensive for a family of 6 in comparison to flying off somewhere. PEI, Cape Breton and Newfoundland are the 3 places of "must see with the kids" for me. I hope we get there someday.

MMW said...

Liz, where are you? I revamped my Google Reader and lost several blogs I normally follow. Please email me and send me an invite (or just a hello) from your family blog. I'd love to keep up.

I love to read this Frugal Living blog too...

Take care,