Compare and Contrast

We are big orange juice drinkers in our home. We buy frozen from concentrate as it is cheaper than purchasing it already made. Our favourite is Minute Maid Pulp Free (closest picture I could find!)

Unfortunately, it has become expensive ($1.99 a can) and not on sale as much as we like. Although, I do stock up whenever it does go on sale.

So, we have been using an alternative when it's not on sale. We use President's Choice frozen orange juice.

However, it has gone up substantially in price also (regular price is now $1.79). Although it tastes great, I've started looking elsewhere to see what's out there.  I stayed at Superstore and tried their No Name brand (couldn't find a pic of of their logo). It was NOT a go in this house! Children absolutely detested it!

Next, we went to Sobeys. 

They had some great sales going on and while I was there and I picked up some of their store brand. It was $1.49 a container. It was a better hit than the No Name brand, but not a huge hit. It's one we can go to though, when we can't get Minute Maid.

So then the other day I was at coop getting some sales and thought I would try theirs.

The cost was $1.39 (I think) per container. Brought it home and tried it on the children. 

I should say at this point, that they were not aware of each brand that I purchased. They would make comments on each juice as we had it. 

Coop brand was a hit! 

Their favourite is still Minute Maid, but they said to them this was the closest in taste, and lucky for me, friendliest on my wallet. 

Now your taste buds may say something else, but that's what we can go with here. I'll still get Minute Maid when it's on sale, but it's nice to have something cheaper to turn to.

So what do you use in your home for juice? What do you like the most?

Enjoy your day!


Suzy said...

I'm not an orange juice drinker - sometimes at IHOP I'll order it but I try to stick with fruit. However, I definitely understand being able to tell a difference in foods/drinks! some things just aren't the same. My dad used to buy a namebrand orange juice then found food club is his favorite and I think that's the store brand where he shops.


YourMoney said...

Great trial and error research done here. It’s crazy that the taste of orange juice can vary so much! And that the price can fluctuate from store to store. This just proves that it’s worth shopping around to find the best deal and the favored taste for your family.