It Pays to Shop Around and to Check Flyers

We use extra virgin olive oil here. To buy it at the local store it is tres expensive, so whenever my father in law goes to Costco I get him to pick up a container of Kirtland's for me. We get the 5 litre container and it's usually about $28. 

However, this week it was on sale in TWO flyers! Superstore and No Frills. Same brand. Same company owns both stores. WAY different prices!

Superstore had their 1 litre Gallo extra virgin olive oil on for $5.99. That's $29.95 for the same amount that I pay $28 for. No savings.

Then I saw the No Frills flyer and I had to do a double take. There, on the front page, was the EXACT SAME OIL on sale!! Gallo extra virgin olive oil on for $3.33/litre! That's $16.65 for the same amount that I pay $28 for at Costco! YES! It's a great deal! Today, I bought 12 for my storage. 

So, if you use olive oil, run to No Frills and check it out! From what I have been able to understand, No Frills DOES NOT give out rain cheques. Please let me know if I am wrong, but last night I wasn't able to get one for chicken.

Know of any other great deals out there this week? Send it on in and we'll post them all!

Enjoy your day!


Jane said...

I still have several bottles of olive oil from the last time No Frills had it on sale! Same price - what a bargain!
Giant Tiger has Kellog's cereals on for 1/2 price!

Anonymous said...

How will you be able to use it all before it goes rancid? I have read that EVOO should be used within 6 months.

Amie Ceron said...

It is a great deal, however be careful with large amounts of EVOO because it doesn't have a long shelf life. It oxidize in about 6 weeks so be sure to use it up by then. Also storing in a dark place or buying a brand that has darker packaging can preserve it.

YourMoney said...

It really does pay to check store flyers! A lot of people lose out on some great savings, but it takes no time at all to check and make a shopping list. Paying just over half price is a great steal!