Harry Potter on the Cheap!

I love Harry Potter, but I must not be a die hard fan, because I couldn't justify spending the money to go see the first shows.

Today my son and I are seeing it for free. Yep, free.

It started by waiting just a couple of days to see the movie and not have the completely crazy crowds. We decided to go on the cheap Tuesday day. Instead of it costing us at the most $19 for the two of us to go on Saturday night, it will only cost us $11.98 today on a cheap show.

Here's the bonus: I was cleaning out my nightstand and found an unused giftcard to the theatre!

We are seeing it for nothing!

If you really want to see a movie in the theatre, it pays to wait a couple of days and catch it on the cheap day. Justifies the cost a little bit. Especially when you think that the $19 we could have spent could pay for the DVD when it comes out on those first few days when they are on sale.


How do you see your movies for cheap? Do you wait for DVD, or do you go to the theatre? Win tickets or buy them?

Enjoy your day!


Carla said...

I never see movies in the theatre but there hasn't been anything I have wanted to see bad enough. I usually wait for dvd or netflix :)

Anonymous said...

I like waiting for a few days to see something.........it builds the anticipation!!!!
Major score for free!