Avonlea Village PEI

Everyone who seems to come to PEI, comes to see Anne. I have lived here for 15 years and have never gone to anything Anne. It's so experience. It's around $65 for a family pass for the day to Avonlea Village. With a CAA card you save an extra 10%. That gave me a little hope to try to rationalize going for a day with our family. After searching around their site that  I found out that your day pass counts for a second day admission so that you are able to enjoy all of the events! 2 days for 1 price. That sounds a little more worth while to me.

However, it's still a little expensive for us. Well, from September 1-19, the rate gets substantially cheaper! It's $6 per adult and children under 12 are free. That means instead of $65 for my family it would be $10.80 for my family (remember, the CAA discount, even without it, it's still only $12 for a family).

Totally worth it to wait until September to be able to enjoy the wonderful village of Avonlea and live life with Anne and Diana for a day.

September is the most frugal time to visit PEI if you're looking to save money on your vacation.

What are your favourite attractions on PEI?

Enjoy your day!


Robyn said...

We spent a week in PEI this summer and my 2 favourites things we did was: a beautiful day at Cousins Shore Beach, and the free lunchtime outdoor show at the confederation center in ch'town.

Canadian Saver said...

Is this a new rate? I remember going 5-6 years ago and paid around $20. And I forgot to use my CAA card.

I love everything about PEI... I have many favorite restaurants and little shops, so I go to those then just drive around enjoying the scenery in between.

Wayfarer beach house said...

If fishing is your forte, Prince Edward Island has a wealth of opportunity for the duration of the summer months. Charter a deep sea fishing expedition with friends and you could well wind up with Tuna, marlin or even shark as your reward for a long day's work, and well worth it.

Anonymous said...

The downside to going to Avonlea Village in September is that most of the actors and actresses won't be there because a lot of them are college-age. The actors really make the experience, because they spend the day acting out the Anne of Green Gables story. They wear costumes, get totally into character, and interact with the guests. I've been to Avonlea Village on two different summer trips to PEI, and it's been well worth the cost. Both times I've been have been in August, and the performers have mentioned that many of them leave right before the end of the summer. It's truly a wonderful place to visit!

Sahra said...

Realize this is an old post but did you know that every year Avonlea Village has about 8-10 days near the end of June where it is free for Islanders? All you have to do is show a valid Island ID and you can do it more than once during the free period, no limits.