Keep it or Throw it Out?

Are you throwing out food too early, thinking the expiry date has come and gone? It appears we all may be. Read on to learn the food industry's best kept secret: the date on the product is not what it appears to be.

It may come as a surprise to know that most 'expired' food is still safe to eat. Apparently, my grandmother was right again. Recently, I learned this surprising fact when contacting a company about the date on their product. I wasn't sure if this date was the date of manufacture or the date of product expiry. As it turns out, it was their 'best before' date. However, the company representative assured me that it was still safe to eat, with only minor changes to the quality of the mineral content of their product.

This was further substantiated over the past few days after I read the attached article. 'Best Before' is a suggestion—with a few notable exceptions.

Read on, my fellow frugal friends. I'm confident you'll be as fascinated as I was, and I'm eager to hear your thoughts.


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