Cleaning Your Freezer

How often do we go in to our freezers and find something that we can't even recognize? By not labelling, rotating, organizing and using our food, we are just throwing our money out. I am not sure about you, but I don't want to waste my money that way.

Do you have a chest freezer, or an upright? Do you know what's all in there?

Today, I cleaned out our chest freezer in preparation for the arrival of our 1/4 side of beef arriving tomorrow. We purchased a second freezer on kijiji for such a purpose and today was the day I moved all of the fruits and veggies from our current chest freezer to our upright freezer. This is our first time getting a side of beef and I am not sure how much room I am honestly going to need.

Although while I was cleaning I did find an extra stash of butter that I had purchased on sale, I am pleased to say, that I didn't have to throw one thing out!

So this week, why not put it on your schedule to organize your freezer, defrost it, label everything and take an account of what you need to use and just what exactly is in that big ominous chest of ice.

Here are a few places to get freezer inventory lists:

My favourite:

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