Rising Food Prices on Their Way (Again!)

It seems like we hear this headline frequently in the news -especially over the past year or so. Yet again it's making headlines with the drought effecting crop production.

Both McCain and Maple Leaf have warned in the past week, that food prices are going to increase. The NY Times has warned us that food prices for all types of food are going to jump starting this fall by 3-5%, depending on the type of food being purchased.

How are you going to combat food prices? We all know that our salaries aren't going to go up the same percentage per annum as food and fuel. Do you have a garden planted? It's not to late to get some fall crops in yet. There are several books on the market about gardening year round to get the most food from your own garden. One of the latest to join my library is The Year Round Gardener by Niki Jabbour. She also has a blog that you can catch up on all of her latest doings and findings as well.

Another way to lower your food bill, if you are a meat eater, is to buy a side of beef, whether it be beef or pork (you can get it a quarter, half, full animal). If you have the room in your freezer, this is a great way to buy your meat. We are getting a 1/4 cow that's been organic grass fed only. It works out to be $6.38/kg for my hamburger, steaks, roasts, stewing meat -whichever cuts I choose. Also, look at substituting meat for at least one meal a week with grains or legumes to cut down on your bill.

Looking for a few more ideas for saving money on your grocery bill? Check out our post from our achieves for ways to keep the money in your pocket instead of the grocery till.

All in all, it can be done with work and determination. What are your tips and suggestions? Comment here or come on over to our Facebook page to join in the discussion.


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