New Year's Eve Celebration on the Cheap

2012 has been a year of fiscal belt tightening in many homes. According to many news sources, more people will be spending New Year's in their own home this year. Between the cost of entertainment, babysitters, and what not, it may not be an affordable date night for you.

I can't remember the last time we went out, without the children, on New Year's.

Here I am to share some options with you so that you can still celebrate the big night without breaking the bank.

-Have a stay in night. Order in some special food, or for a less expensive option, buy a frozen entree meal to celebrate. To save even more money, cook a special meal at home with those that you want to be with.

-Buy some decorations at the dollar store or make your own hats, confetti and other fun decorations. 

-While you're staying in, why not have some others on as well? You could have a potluck, or just have everyone bring their leftover Christmas treats.

-Have a games night with your friends. Charades, Aggravation, Cranium, Monopoly (ugh), any new games that anyone got for Christmas, turn on some music for dancing, or just hang out and socialize.

-If everyone has children, why not invite them and have a movie night, or a games room for the children. Put an older child in charge. The younger ones may, or may not, make it to midnight.

-Go view your town's firework display

-Many places have free family friendly New Year's Celebrations. Check with your local town/city hall to see what your area is offering.

However you chose to celebrate New Year's Eve, do it responsibly. Do not drink and drive. Under any circumstances. Stay safe and have fun.

And, Happy New Year!

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