Cloth Diapers, a Win, Win, Win Situation For All!

Everyone knows that using cloth diapers is a win-win solution, both for the environment and for your wallet. So why do most people use disposable diapers?

Is it that we think of the old-style diapers, complete with safety pins and restrictive folding requirements to avoid leaking? Do you remember poking yourself while diapering a baby accidentally?

Or, is it that we dread that stinky diaper pail?

It's time to throw aside your old notions of cloth diapers! Twenty-four cloth diapers can replace almost 4,000 disposable one, and hundreds of dollars back in your pocket. And... the planet will love you.


For today's parents, there are so many cloth diaper options, ranging from new designs available from retailers to tutorials that teach you how to make your own, such as this YouTube tutorial that shows how easy it really is:

A great new cloth diaper design comes by way of the Canadian company AppleCheeks. They have kindly sent along one of their cloth diapers for a giveaway to help you, or someone you know, on their journey of a better diaper.

To enter our contest, head over to our Facebook page, "like" us, share the post, and leave a comment under our AppleCheeks contest regarding any product that you like to use that saves money and the environment! 

One entry per person. 
Contest is open worldwide. 
Contest closes on February 7th, 2013, with the drawing on February 8th, 2013. Good luck!

Here's a tutorial to show just how easy and carefree using AppleCheeks reusable diapers are.


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Patria Jase said...

I am totally agreed with you cloth diapers are best. I love cloth diapers for my baby it also save lot of money.
Baby cloth diapers