Trading, bartering, the old switcheroo!

It's a dying way of dealing with purchases and deals, but it's still around -especially with siblings. I think it's an art that should be reintroduced. Everything should be negotiable. Recently, I was able to make a trade for some work that I wanted done for some baking that someone else wanted done.

We all have things that we don't need any more and things that we do need. Wouldn't it be great if there was somewhere that you would be able to say what you have to give away for something that you needed? If there is such a place, please let me know. I think this is a great way to stay frugal.

That said, I am looking for two different items, should anyone come across where I can buy, trade, or whatever with the owner I would love to know. I am looking for a flute that works still. I use to play and am having a strong desire to play again, but can't find a used flute to start out with to make sure it's what I want.

I am also looking for a seamstresses dress form. If anyone knows of a used one, please comment here or email me at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca.

Tell me, what have you been able to barter or trade with and for? Do you think this is a practise that is alive and well, or something that should be brought back or just left alone?

Enjoy your evening!


Gillian said...

I'm gifted with organizational skills. I've had people offer me babysitting and free esthetics to get this service.

Chrissy_V said...

Try looking on Kijiji or Craigs List or posting your own ad "looking for".

I look through them for fun and see some odd, odd things sometimes. You never know what luck you might have and it's free.

Kelly said...

I used to play flute as well and recently have gotten the desire to play again. If you do come across one, there is a group that gets together in Charlottetown called "Definitely Not the Symphony" which is comprised of people who have the desire to play in a band but don't necessarily have much experience. I think it's a $2 donation each week to join. I would definitely get involved but, like you, have not come across a second-hand flute and don't really have the funds to buy a new one. I've checked kijiji and usedpei periodically but haven't seen any advertised. Good luck in your search! I sold mine the minute i was done with band in high school and regret it now!