Flyer Friday!

Hey Everyone! 

If you are in Charlottetown Saturday March 27th, head on down to the new Shoppers DrugMart in the Confederation Court Mall and you can get some great deals at their grand opening! 

One Dozen Eggs for $0.99!
Cheerios 330g for $1.88
Catelli Smart or Healthy Harvest pasta (because apparently you can't be smart and healthy at the same time) for $0.99!

For the rest of you at the various Shoppers there are some sales that maybe you will be interested in:

Eggs $1.50/a dozen limit 2 and then they are $1.99 each. 
Butter $3.49/lb
Stovetop Dressing $0.99
Everyday Market Pasta 450g or Ragu pasta sauce 3/$4


Cook's Smoked Ham Butt or Shank Portion $3.06/kg
Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese 500g $4.44 (see note down below)
IF you need a new non stick frying pan, here's a deal: you buy the pan for $12.99 and get a bunch of things free; eggs, bacon, english muffins, minute maid orange juice, and hash browns. Save up to $14.42


Catelli Garden Select Spaghetti Sauce 700 ml $2
Kraft Cracker Barrel Cheese 500g $4.44 (see note down below)
Lean ground beef $5.49/kg
Teddy's Choice Club pack wipes $10.99


Majesta 16 double roll or 32 single for $6.78
Philly cream cheese 250g $1.97

Canadian Tire

Old Dutch Bleach 2.85L for $0.88


Even though the same cheese is on sale at both Sobeys and Superstore for the same price, I would like to point out that they both listed the regular price in their flyer as well. For the EXACT same product, Sobeys is asking $8.59 and Superstore is asking $6.89. Interesting eh? Pays to check ALL prices at stores!

Enjoy your day!


Kelly said...

hi liz,

i find sobey's is always inflating their prices. i am very much a superstore fan but visit sobey's when they have good deals. i also like the fact that you can use your air miles card there, although unless they have some sort of air miles promotion on it's hard to earn very many. i also go on tuesdays when they have 10% off for students :)


Let the party begin... said...

Glad you posted those deals...apparently we get the flyers when the delivery person feels like it. I shop both stores depending on the prices but it seems to me that I tend to shop more at Superstore.

Chrissy_V said...

I'd also like to point out that "regular" prices aren't really all that regular.

At my last job I would do price changes in the morning before the store opened, changing the regular price.

I try to just know the price point per unit for things we buy and know whether or not things are a good price. The regular price, even at the cheaper stores, can be deceiving.