Frugal March Break Ideas

A lot of us have children that will be having March Break at some point this month, ours is next week. Children are generally excited to just have the time off from school, but if you are looking for something to do that won't cost you anything (well, maybe a $1-2 a person) here are some ideas. PLEASE send in your ideas as well so that we all can benefit.

Have a day learning about your garden in the backyard and get your children to help plant the transplant seeds in containers so that they are ready in time for planting.

Go winter camping in a local field or in your backyard. Or just have a winter campfire.

Go to and find craft ideas.

Have a talent show with their friends and siblings.

Have a spring cleaning morning and then reward your helpers with a movie afternoon, either an old favourite or a freebie from a local gas station. There is one near where I live that kids movies are free.

You can also get free movies, board games and of course books at your local library. Check out events at your local library as they often have free events planned for the break.

Also, check out your local mall for events that may be happening. Here they are having the Discovery Centre at the mall for three days for children to come and learn about planets and stars. All free of course.

Our March Break covers St Patrick's day so have a party and don't forget to wear your green (or orange depending on your heritage and preference).

Go to the local pool for a twonie swim at your local pool.

Attend a matinee at the movie theatre for a $2 show.

Have a day of cooking and baking with your children. Let them pick what to make.

Can't wait to hear your ideas! How are you celebrating March Break?

Enjoy your day!


Gillian said...

Here's a great one. Send your kids to their grandparents. Free AND relaxing.

Laura-Jane said...

I am not celebrating March break, as we don't get one! But...I want one, lol.

Laura-Jane said...

We don't get a march break. But I want one!!

Anonymous said...

Make cutout cookies and decorate them! Build a fort in the livingroom! Go for an adventure to a new park or one you haven't been to in a awhile- we even renamed one this week.