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Good morning all, 

Wonderful reader Nicole sent me a fantistic tip filled email awhile back and I am finally getting around to sharing it with all of you. Check out her tips and check out her blog! Leave a comment for her telling her that you came from here. 

And, hey, if any of you other readers out there have some tips you would like to share, email me at smile_zil at yahoo dot ca and I'll get them up here with a link to your blog as well! 

Enjoy your day!

Hi ! It's Nicole from the blog Life's Simple Pleasure's!

I would love to share some tips with you as I am currently a cashier at Superstore - lots  of inside goodies! And now that I've found you, I can send them along as I think of them!

Here's a few:

1) Some Superstore's have implemented a "Coupon Zone" in which they offer coupons for products in the store, mostly on no name products, but some other ones (last week they had $5 off of Aveno!). They have one at our store, and I've seen it in Calgary so it is something that shoppers can look out for- it's located in the foyer by where you get your cart!

2) When buying shampoo/conditioner, it pays off to not just take the front bottle because often companies will send a few boxes with "Bonuses" in them- I've seen this with Dove actually where it is the exact same price for more product- so have a look around- hard find, but a good one nonetheless!

3) If a product comes up the wrong price and you catch the mistake you are supposed to receive the product for free (if it's under $10) and if it's over $10, you receive $10 off of your purchase. I would double check this with each store but that is the policy!

4) Superstore is also offering a 1 cent rebate on reusable bags now- it's a small amount but if you frequently use reuseable bags- its worth it to get your penny back!

5) If you need moving boxes the produce department gives away banana boxes for free (you just have to catch them at the right time before they get recycled!)

6) Some Superstores offer a cooking class inwhich you receive at 3 to 4 course meal for only $18. As well, in our store and I'm sure in others, they offer a What's for Dinner Lunch which costs $10, and when you attend you get a $10 gift card. (again you would have to check locally, but it is something that we do!)

Those are just some ideas off of the top of my head! I will gladly share any ideas that come up that I think you might find useful!


I just remembered two more things!:

- On each barcode/price tag in front of products there are two important (yet tiny font) items

1. It will tell you the price per 100 g on some items, so for people who are unsure about which brand is cheaper or hate doing math, you can actually compare it there.

2. it will say how long the product is on sale for (supesrtore implemented a new "Just Lower Prices" which means there are flyer prodcuts but also price roll backs. this way, you can see how long particular item is on sale for. It is great for budgeting or for people who walk, helps you decide if you can wait until the next trip to buy things and carry them home!

3. also important, some places offer a 2 for $5 sale(for example) and you have to purchase both items to get the price. But at Superstore and other stores, you can actually get the 1 at 2 for $5 price- you don't have to purchase both! I hope that makes sense I think I was confusing! But basically it is that people don't have to buy 2, they can buy one and still get the sale :)

that's all for now :)

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jypsy said...

After watching this I'm curious to know what the local store policies are on combining coupons. Perhaps Nicole can comment and/or you good folks could contact the grocery stores and see what they say. I always assumed that because the coupons say you can't combine them that you can't however if the store policy says otherwise we could all stand to save even more!