Summer Fun Deal Only For Frugal Readers!!

Summer is coming. In just a couple of months, the children will be out of school, vacations will start and it will be warm and sunny. What do you have planned for the summer?

Are you thinking of taking in either of these attractions this summer?


If you are one that is thinking of coming to Island or live here and are having a staycation, boy to I have a deal for you! Matthew Jelley from Sandspit and Shining Waters is offering a deal to all of you Fighting to be Frugal Readers. Follow this link for your daily or weekly passes and enter the code provided on this link, and you will save 10% on your tickets just for being a reader of this blog!

Wasn't that so nice of him? Also, there is a contest entry form there for an 8 day pass to the parks (contest closes the end of May).

Let me know if you decide to go, would love to know how many of you take advantage of this offer.

Enjoy your day!

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Anonymous said...

No, but I would love a deal on Magic Mountain!! Jelley is a partial owner of that, too :)