I'm still here!

My apologies fellow frugal readers, I have been away on a little trip and have not been able to blog! I was sure that I would be and even took my flyers with me, but as vacations happen, time slips by as does computer availability. I hope you are still there.

I acquired lots of tips for an upcoming segment of frugal vacations. Guess where I did my research? So, let's here your thoughts and ideas! Either comment or send me an email to smile_zil at yahoo dot ca and I will have a post hopefully in the next little bit.

I'll post the sales tomorrow. Better late than never right?

Come on and email me those tips for anything from a to z on frugality! I love hearing from you. By the way, anyone out there journey over and take advantage of the offer from Sandspit or Shining Waters? I sure hope so.

Enjoy your day!

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