My Brag Deals Today!

Today, I went out shopping with my mother looking for a raincoat for my little guy (didn't find one ANYWHERE!), I found a couple of great deals. I just had to share them with you, one to brag (we all like a deal) and two, so that you can take advantage if you like.

We were headed in to Old Navy to see if there were any rain coats left/on sale (none, don't look), and my daughter saw the sand pails at Michael's. She reminded me that she needed a new one as her sister had an accident with her's. 

Well, their buckets and shovels are usually $1.50, so I picked up two. My mom wanted to check out a couple of sales inside so we went in to poke around. 

In the clearance section they had all of their Easter items on for 70%. There, on the bottom shelf, were buckets and shovels. Yes, they were on sale for 70% off! Instead of $1.50, I only had to pay $0.45 because they were Easter colours! These were the same colours that I was going to get outside. 

If you're looking for some pails and shovels for the summer, this is a great deal that you don't want to pass up. I only needed two, but because they were so cheap, I bought double! That's four buckets and shovels, for less than the price of ONE bucket and shovel that I walked in to the store to pay for! 

Next stop for the rain coat was The Children's Place. I had a coupon and they had some great sales going on, so I thought I would check it out to see if there was anything there to get.

No raincoats.


As I was walking up to the cash, a sign for $9.99 caught my eye. On one side, there was what I thought were white dress shirts, on the other beautiful dresses.  I figured the sign was only for the one side, but this little thought kept pestering me to ask about the dresses. I figured it couldn't hurt to ask, and thought there was no way the dresses would be that cheap. 

Well, I was wrong. 

The dresses were marked down from $50 to $30 to $9.99!! 

Great deal!

If you need a dress for church or any other formal occassion, check out your local store of The Children's Place and see if there are any great deals there.

Have you found a great deal lately? I would love to hear about it. Please share with us.

Enjoy your day!


Anonymous said...

I too had a really hard time finding raincoats this spring. Found one for DD at Joe Fresh - Superstore. There was a great sale at Please Mum apparently, but missed that one all together - it was last years stock and greatly reducted.

YourMoney said...

Amazing find on both items. Too bad the jacket hunt didn’t work out so well. But what a boost, you found some killer deals!