School trips-again!

Today a notice came home from school about the children attending a play in town. The cost is $7 for each student. The home and school is paying out $2 for each student which leaves $5 left. (My math is astounding isn't it?) In our home that means shelling out $15 this week for a school trip, but I refuse to pay it all out. We have a policy here to help the children learn about money management. They are to contribute to these activities (we are MEAN parents) Read about it here. 

This is the same policy for soccer and other sports. 

Now I am not going to be totally mean and not let them go if they don't have the money. I have one child that finds it INCREDIBLY hard to part with her money. So instead, the children are able to do extra chores this week to earn their money for the play and the money won't even go into their allowance jars. I get "free" work and they get a "free" play! Everyone is a winner!

How do you teach your children about money?

Enjoy your day!

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